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Collection Center

Mercantile is a full-service collection agency dedicated to providing a superior level of customer service while consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations. Our ability to develop customized programs with exceptional results has allowed us to have long lasting professional relationships with our clients. We have a proven ability to effectively manage, conduct and support collection projects of all sizes.

Client Services

Mercantile's award winning Client Services Department supports the proactive development of strong business relationships between Mercantile and our clients. Our Client Services Team assures that client needs and goals have been clarified and communicated to appropriate Mercantile associates from the point of contracting through to completion of the on-boarding process and into production, and by proactive follow up with the client, ensure expectations are being met. Our staff is trained to identify future client needs and provide assistance throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Call Center Services

Mercantile provides inbound and outbound customer service, sales and telemarketing call center services, as well as back-office support including media, email, correspondence processing, etc. We will build a program customized to your business needs. We provide 100% outsourced solutions, as well as seasonal and overflow models for large financial institutions, utilities and E-Comm retailers. Put MAB’s decades of call center operational experience to work for your organization.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

All of our collection, servicing and support is done within highly controlled and monitored environments. Separate and apart from our areas of operation and back-office support we have an independent Compliance and Risk Management Program. Compliance & Quality Management, overseen by our Chief Management Officer, through the use of various monitoring features ensures that our representatives are following proper state & federal laws as well as client & Company procedures and policies. Compliance oversight also ensures we are kept current with new or changes to existing laws & regulations. Risk Management, overseen by our Manager of Risk, is responsible for internal auditing and control testing to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and regulatory oversight.


Mercantile is strongly committed to effective training and professional development of all employees. The Training Department of our company is dedicated to providing employees with a comprehensive understanding of the collection process and knowledge of compliance requirements. The training program is also customized to address our clients' needs. Newly hired collection associates undergo a structured training course lasting 40 hours and then work for an additional 90 days under a mentoring program, where they are paired with a senior collection partner whose responsibility is to further refine the new associate's collection skills.

The training environment is considered one of the most important aspects of our Employee Development Program. Our training program is broken down into three areas:

  • Corporate Orientation and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) - Includes stringent state laws as well as Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) training.
  • General Collection Techniques - Introduction to Collections, Initial Collection Call, Securing a Good Consumer Profile, Securing Good Promises, Money Sources, and Methods of Payment.
  • Skiptracing Techniques - Undergo thorough training on how to utilize all skip trace tools available to the collectors as well as prioritizing sources so that they are most effective.

In order to assure that the collection associates are prepared to be placed in the specific business unit, a written skill assessment is administered at the end of this training.

Client Policy and Procedures Certification

All personnel prior to being assigned to a specific business unit will complete a comprehensive training program that will encompass all the policy procedures and work standards of the client managed in that specific business unit. Our Training Department, in conjunction with the client, will develop this training program. This training will be developed and implemented before the first placement of accounts. The objective of the training program is to educate collection associates and managers of all experience levels in the relevant policies, procedures, and specific requirements of the client

Confidentiality Training

Confidentiality training is provided to all employees who have or will have access to sensitive and confidential information. All personnel who have access to this information will be trained in how to maintain confidentiality and how to safeguard data. Prior to account placement, all collection and support personnel who will have access to the client data will successfully complete confidentiality training.

Ongoing Training

Mercantile conducts quarterly training seminars covering such topics as new collection techniques, improving communication skills, and motivation. We also conduct periodic training to cover any changes in policy, procedures, laws, or regulations as they are modified and/or updated.


Mercantile understands the importance of skip tracing on client accounts, and for that reason, have made a major investment in skip tracing tools. Although we employ a team of dedicated skip tracers, we still find it important for all associates to have access to all tools and be thoroughly trained on how to utilize them.


Mercantile utilizes the Collector System produced by Columbia Ultimate as its collection platform. The Columbia Ultimate Collector System secures data by requiring a multiple password level entry, has menu driven parameters, and there are restrictions on available collector commands. We also use the fully integrated Auto-Dialer system which is fully expandable, allowing the best possible account penetration per agent.

Mercantile has the ability to offer the following:

  • Remit weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly at the client's discretion.
  • Transmission process is performed electronically or through a variety of media based on the needs of the client.
  • Customized reports

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Full Service Platform

Full Suite of Receivable Management Services

Post Charge-off Overview

Work Standards

  • Adhere to client provided work standards
  • Provide customized and standard strategies
  • Track KPI’s - activation, call attempts, contact rates, activity frequency, file penetration and work quality
  • Provide reporting of data capture at high and granular levels


  • Deliver strong out of the box liquidation results
  • Focus on batch management to ensure strong results throughout a batch’s aging life-cycle and capitalize on cash collected opportunity
  • Our objective is to consistently meet or surpass a client partner’s recovery goal including their NSF tolerance rate

Pre Charge-off Overview

Work Standards

  • Strategy and work standards differ between pre and post charge-off, but our development and implementation approach is essentially the same
  • Accounts worked on our system or our client’s collection system
  • Track KPI’s - call attempts, contact rates, file penetration and frequency, roll rates, and work quality
  • Provide reporting and high at granular levels


  • Focus on roll rates throughout the delinquency life-cycle
  • Effective cash collected prevent an account from rolling to the next bucket, but optimally cure the account
  • Meaningful roll rates are best measured as a percentage of roll through to charge-off as this gives a solid indicator of anticipated charge-off rates
  • Focus is on achieving the required roll rates and the reduction of gross charge-off

Pre Legal & Legal Collection

  • A group of highly skilled and experienced collectors use a talk-off that references the possibility of legal remedy if the account remains unpaid
  • Dunning notices contain language referencing the possibility of referring account to an attorney for legal action
  • Accounts designated for legal collections are referred to an attorney directly or through the client

Dismissed Bankruptcy Collection

  • Program is designed to reduce the outstanding balance prior to consumer re-filing or ideally convince the consumer not to re-file and pay their account
  • Accounts are scrubbed to ensure re-filing has not taken place during interim period of time
  • Collectors use a customer service oriented approach

Special Purpose Call Campaign

  • Customer Surveys
  • Special Notice
  • Messaging

Reminder Dunning Notice Series

  • Standard or customized collection letter service

Skip Tracing Service

  • Skip to locate
  • Skip to collect

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Market Verticals

Mercantile services a renowned base of local and national client partners within diverse industries.


  • Landline
  • Wireless
  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Satellite Services


  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory
  • Physicians Groups


  • Parking fines
  • Sanitation fees
  • Taxes

Higher Education

  • Colleges
  • Guaranty Agencies

Home Loans

  • HELOC’s
  • Charged-off Delinquent Mortgages

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